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  • Idade: 23
  • Nacionalidade: Brasil
  • Idiomas: Francês, Português, Espanhol e Inglês

Experiências de Voluntariado

Experiência no Canadá

Hostel Montreal, Canadá Aug/2020

Turno da Noite, Ajudante de Cozinha, Ajuda na Limpeza e Tarefas Domésticas

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

A very pleasant experience working and living with Pablo. He is very nice and helpful. Going the extra miles for the good of the hostel and team members. He has got a discreet personality and a lovely quiet attitude, however always happy to go out and about. Hope to see him again! Thank you!

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Avaliação feita por Pablo

Volunteering at Saint Paul was a true adventure, I worked two days a week and got the rest of the week free so I could explore Montreal, get to know new people, practice some French and so much more. They’re very flexible and are always ready to work with your schedules so you can take the most out of the experience. I made great friends that I will definitely keep in touch with. Not to mention, living at the old port of Montreal is a great experience!

Pablo M. Ravazi

@pabloravazi is a Brazilian content writer, video-maker, and travel agent. He's got a BIG HEART for travel and FOOD!! Pablo went to University in Hawai'i, USA, and consistently travels back and forth between Canada and the US. Pablo's travel agency helps people travel on a budget.

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Experiências de vida


I Finished high school and applied for university. I got approved with a high score in the entrance exam, but I felt like I needed to do something else, so I let go of my first year at the university. For years I worked as an actor in theaters in Rio. I have been to several performing arts schools. In addition, I also have a diploma in English proficiency and professional photography.

I now attend college in the US where I’m able to combine two of my favorite things: travel and filmmaking/media. I’m a major in Film & Video and am passionate about writing, acting, translating, and all sorts of communication.

Experiências profissionais

I have 2 years of experience with business sales and more than 7 years working in the artistic world in the areas of theater and film, video production, and writing. 6 months of experience as a full-time English translator for volunteers from the USA, South Africa, Ireland, the UK and Norway. Fun fact, I reached the score 940 on the ENEM 2017 essay and was awarded a full-ride scholarship for the courses Tourism (UFRRJ) and Film (UFF), but I decided to apply to the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii, where I have a partial scholarship for the course of communication with a major in Film & Video.

Also, started a small business selling chocolate truffles in downtown Rio de Janeiro and got national notability. I was featured on several TV shows and radios of Brazil, including the nation’s largest morning show.

Experiências de viagem

I started traveling back in 2017, when I turned 18, I've been to over 6 countries in several continents. I had India as my first international destination and I currently go to college in the US, but don't be fulled by it, my heart beats Brazilian every morning. Traveling has brought me a lot of maturities to understand life ain't no easy, but still, it can be fun. So just lean back and enjoy the ride :)