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I love to explore the world and am happy to share my experiences with you (and offer some tips & tricks I've learned along the way)! To me, travel means learning more about myself - my preconceptions, my strengths and abilities, but above all, the beauty in my life and all that the world has to offer. I always enjoy discussing travel experiences, so please reach out with questions or comments!


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Experiências de vida


I studied Anthropology at the University of South Florida, and Indigenous Studies at Charles Darwin University in Australia.

Experiências profissionais

After a year of AmeriCorps service in Phoenix, Arizona I went on to work in the student travel industry as a program leader and manager with Rustic Pathways. I decided to teach for a year abroad in the Dominican Republic, and now work for AFS-USA as the Field Marketing and Operations Specialist in New York City.

Experiências de viagem

I've studied, worked, and traveled around 5 continents and plan to keep doing so my entire life. Working in the travel industry has helped!