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Toshi was a great host and I really enjoyed my stay in Aoshima. The work was very minimal, and you always have a lot of free time during your day to enjoy what Aoshima has to offer. There are many onsens, beautiful views, and good surf spots within walking distance of the accommodation. When you have time off, Miyazaki (and Kyushu) is a cool place to travel around. I had a super dope time overall and everything was exactly as described online. Toshi and his wife are very kind and understanding, and are both super cool people.



Toshi is an amzing guy!
he is super nice and welcoming and whenever he has time he would like to teach you how to surf!
when I had an emergency in Israel, and I had to go back emidiatly, Toshi totally understood and he was very supportive!
I hope we meet again soon! I woud defenetly love to come and stay again with hooju aoshima guesthouse!
thank you so much Toshi!!



I totally racommend this place.
Toshi, the owner, is an incredible, kind, helpful, person. And his wife Fu too.
I would say that in Aoshima all the people are amazing like them and the town is amazing too!
Perfect to surf, to chill, but also to explore.
There are many things too see there around and if you like nature you will love it all!
The job is easy and Toshi will help you a lot to learn and to work.
And there is a high probability to meet amazing travellers from all over the world.
Thank you for this experience Toshi, hope to see you again!


United States

I had an amazing stay at Toshi’s place in Aoshima! I worked reception, which was great because I was able to speak Japanese quite a bit. The work wasn’t bad at all, and I met a lot of really interesting guests! We had surf boards we could use so I was able to surf every day. The hostel is within walking distance to the beach so it was great. There are also bikes to use to access farther away spots. Also Toshi will take you to a grocery store if you need. I had an amazing month in Aoshima and Toshi is so nice and helpful and accommodating. I will be back for sure, next time for longer!



The month I spent in Aoshima was great! The other travellers were amazing and we had so much fun together :) Toshi were very kind to us and always willing to help everyone. If you love being surrounded by nature, this is the right place for you!



I really enjoyed my time at Hooju and in Aoshima. Toshi is a great guy and a friendly host and the tasks were light and work time and tasks always as agreed - in my case max 3h per day and two days off per week. Aoshima is great for surfing and chilling and has a nice vibe so would definitely recommend and also go again.



Quite lovely and welcoming hosts, a truly friendly team and very original place which made my stay a very rewarding experience !! :)
I absolutely recommend to visit the small Aoshima village, of Miyazaki prefecture, if one day you go through Kyushu Island ! :))



I had a life changing experience in Hooju. Toshi and Fu are lovely people. The other volunteers were really fun and easy going.
Aoshima is quite small, and soon you will be noticed by the locals. Smile and they will smile back.
The job was not difficult or demanding, give a little more attention to details, and you will be just fine.
I miss Aoshima and the good vibe and hospitality of Kyushu people.
I totally recommend you to embrace you hippie / surfer side and join the next crew in Hooju.
Thanks Toshi and Fu for letting me make part of it! =D



I worked on cleaning during my stay in Aoshima, the work is quite standard - change beds, clean floor/toilets/kitchen. We started the daily duties at 10AM and finished in about two hours or less - depends on the number of checkouts for that day. Toshi is welcoming, Aoshima is a small charming city and you can meet good people in the hostel. Would definetely recommend :)



i had a great time,
ty Toshi


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