Host volunteers ready to help you make progress on your project

Get access to a network of committed volunteers who are looking to support your project, strengthen local communities, and make a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

What do you get from collaborative exchanges?

Welcoming & Helping Guests
Improve your location’s atmosphere with help from motivated travelers from more than 170 countries.
Building & Hands-on Chore
Appreciate getting help with site maintenance to improve your facilities.
Communication & Marketing
Gain visibility and grow your online presence with photos, videos, and a little help on social media.
Eco Activities
Bring out your land’s beauty with the extra help you need to get your hands dirty.
Teaching & Sharing
Open your doors, learn new languages, and have a cultural exchange.
Community Work
Make a big impact on your local community by contributing with the help of committed travelers.
Kitchen & Bar Tasks
Host engaged volunteers to give you a much-needed hand with your food and drink service
Household Chores
Count on the support of dedicated travelers ready to organize and take care of your place.
Interacting & Entertaining Guests
Create unforgettable experiences for your guests with the help of travelers full of energy.

How long do volunteers help you for each week?

On average, Worldpackers hosts request 25 hours of assistance each week.

25h / week

How long do volunteers generally stay with you?

On average, our hosts ask for stays of around 2 to 4 weeks.

2 - 4 weeks

In exchange, you offer:

All of our hosts offer accommodation at their location. And the most sought-after hosts offer much more as well!


Private rooms, shared dorms and/or campsites



To go above and beyond

Local transportation
Such as bikes and rides to the airport
Such as tours, parties, and local discounts
Such as languages, yoga, and permaculture
And more :)

Who are the Worldpackers hosts?


Hospitality businesses

Hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, family homes, and more.


Eco projects

Farms, permaculture projects, ecovillages, ecolodges, and holistic centers.

Social impact

Social projects

NGOs, schools, and community projects.


Who are our volunteers?

Worldpackers volunteers want to have transformative experiences and see new places, cultures, and people. They’re ready to help you responsibly, share their knowledge, and learn from hosts, making a positive impact on the world.

Why use Worldpackers?

A free platform for hosts
Post your open positions, receive help from as many volunteers as you need, and be a part of a global community without paying anything at all.
The most committed travelers from more than 170 countries
All Worldpackers travelers have access to courses in the WP Academy, designed by the WP team and community, to prepare them for productive collaborative exchanges
Platform safety
Get access to travelers’ profiles and reviews written by other community hosts, which are monitored according to our Safety and Quality of Experience Policy.
Support and follow-up
The Worldpackers team is available to help you with the challenges your project faces, and you can contact our support team 7 days a week.
Content just for hosts
Improve your project with content made by and for hosts, featuring the expertise of thousands of hosts from 140 countries. Check out our Learning Center.
Top Hosts Program
As a Top Host, you’ll be featured higher in searches, compete for Worldpackers awards, earn money with our WP Programs by helping us to grow our community, and even get a free membership to become a traveler in our community.

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