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Learn from the community, discover how to be an exceptional worldpacker, develop skills to make money on your journey, and create a travel lifestyle.

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What can you learn at the Academy?

How to be an exceptional worldpacker

Learn more about being a volunteer and how to become an exceptional worldpacker for your hosts.

How to earn money while traveling

Develop skills to make money on the road. Learn how to build a sustainable nomadic lifestyle so that you can travel for as long as you want, where you want!

How to make your trip happen

Plan your trip on a budget and get insider tips on destinations, itineraries, language learning and more.

How to overcome fears and step out of your comfort zone while traveling

Be inspired by other like-minded adventurers who have also used Worldpackers to discover a new purpose. We’re a global community of travelers that feel the same restlessness you do!

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Member-only talks

Watch exclusive weekly travel, volunteer and nomadism talks whenever you want.


Join the Community

Learn from experienced worldpackers who have been in your place and overcame many of the fears, judgments and challenges commonly associated with traveling.


Direct contact with travelers

Ask questions, exchange stories, and speak directly to the travelers who have inspired you the most.


Travel more

Prepare to be an indispensable volunteer for hosts around the world and travel as much as you like.


Make some money

Develop skills to build your resume and stand out for Worldpackers Gigs, a unique selection of freelance opportunities curated for those who love to travel.

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Volunteer opportunities

Contact and apply to as many hosts as you like.


Support during your trip

We have a specialized team to help you with anything you need.


Worldpackers Insurance

Receive WP insurance coverage in case you need a helping hand during your trip.


Worldpackers Gigs

Earn $ while traveling with Worldpackers’ selection of freelance gigs.


Worldpackers Academy

Get the latest exclusive content about volunteering, nomadism and self-discovery.

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