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Travellers who are willing to get to know about India and the flavours of indian food and who are interested to work hard and exchange and also who likes to meet different travellers all around the world and everyday is different day..

I am the boss and and the chef and the founder of Eagles Nest Café and Restaurant and I am the Managing Director of Vinodhara Guesthouse, and I am interested in working with different continent people and sharing and teaching the Indian and international food making and dessert baking..and our staffs are very friendly and helpful and also interested to meet different people and volunteers.


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An excellent experience! Although I worked in the restaurant and that was not the deal, I had the opportunity to meet many tourists from different countries, local people and improve my English. Vinodh is intelligent and friendly person, who does what he likes and does very well.
I also learned a lot about cooking, local and foreign, how difficult and fun it can be to manage a restaurant and of course about India, or rather Tamil Nadu, totally recommended!

hace casi 2 años

Vinodh respondido

Hello Emilio,
Thank for everything,...I am happy for you that you travelled a lit bit with the Spanish girls and hope you had a good time in the end of your trip its all an experience and I am sorry for not giving a day offs and lets forget about all and you are most welcome back again anytime bye take friend..
Vino Vino

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