• Idade: 29
  • Nacionalidade: Brasil
  • Idiomas: Espanhol, Holandês, Português, Francês e Inglês

Experiências de Voluntariado

Experiência na Bélgica

Hostel Ghent, Bélgica Oct/2017

Recepção, Ajudante de Cozinha, Tarefas Domésticas e Ajuda na Limpeza

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Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

Yara is full of energy and so helpfull, enthusiastic and caring.

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Avaliação feita por Yara

KaBa is the exact name! Katrijn and Bart make the whole thing happen! My experience was fantastic! The place is very clean and cosy. The tasks are not a big challenge (good luck with the stairs, though .. haha). I've got the opportunity of learning while enjoying the hostel/Gent/its people. Such a great time! Thanks you, guys! Hope to see you again ;)

Experiência no Brasil

Escola Itacoatiara, Brasil Dec/2015

Trabalho social, Ensinar Idiomas, Ajuda na Limpeza e Consertos Gerais

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Avaliação feita por Yara

This experience was amazing! The direct contact with kids and adults around the school was very interesting. I could see diferent ways of life and thinking. It was also a shock. The reality of Itacoatiara (mainly the school's neighboorhood) can be shocking for people that have never seen social problems so close. Good to change some concepts. Also, going to Interior was a good idea! The Amazon Rainforest is a wonderful place to put your mind in order. Hope you are having fun too! =D Yá

Every single person, ingredient, habit and idea came to show me that there's always something else to be learned. My experiences are shaping step by step who I am. There's no perfect conditions to begin your new adventure, but there's for sure a single way to do it: get started.

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Experiências de vida


I've made my superior studies in Leisure and Tourism, at the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. Such an interesting area! It definetely fits me.
My proficiency in languages came in a mix of language lessons, travelling experiences and a lot of self-study.

Experiências profissionais

Well, I've had many different jobs.
Most of them, with kids and teenagers (Teacher, Au Pair [babysitter], Party promoter).
I've also had the opportunity of working in an Airline in Brazil, where I stayed for 6 months.

As a volunteer, I've been a scout leader for 7 years now (I joined the movement by the age of 10); I've lived in Rio de Janeiro for 2 months for the Olympic and Paralymic Games in 2016. And some other projects that I got envolved.

Experiências de viagem

I love travelling. Who doesnt?!
My experiences alone (=without my parents or family) started when I was 6. Since then, I've never stopped.
Travelling with groups, or scouts, or friends, or by myself, that's what makes sense for me. Changing airs, cultures, people and reality. Exchanging.
Since I've backpacked for the first time, then the feeling of freedom of spirity got my heart. Now, I live to get as much experiences as I can.