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Eco Village Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy

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Casa Ambientale | Zonca Ecovillage | Italy

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Help out and collaborate with your host only a few hours per week.
Help with a wide range of repairs or building.
Help grow plants and cultivate gardens
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Have some time off for yourself, go explore the city or rest for a while.
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The Experience

A wide variety of work is available for enthusiastic volunteers who will be housed in a beautiful old house that is still being renovated. Activities range from construction to gardening and literally everything in between. The Casa Ambientale is owned by Steffano Widmer and he is a generous host. Food is plentiful and excellent and there is plenty of free time to enjoy activities in and around the village including hiking, swimming and pizza.

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  • Beginner German or Beginner English
  • Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

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Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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Stay at least
3 weeks

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3 Reviews


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When we decided to go to Zonca we were looking for a different kind of experience, which is exactly what we got. It is a warm and welcoming place where we got to share food and stories with people from entirely different backgrounds. Moreover, I have to mention all the hard work that has been put into this place and the pride that comes with taking part in such an amazing project. Steffano was, above all, a wonderful host who taught us a lot, something for which we are very grateful.
I hope I get to visit this place again in the near future. Lunga vita a Zonca!

Jeff, Kiko & Pablo

about 1 month ago

Amici replied

Thank you Pablo, we hope you get the opportunity to come by again, as a guest or volunteer or both. In summer you will be able to enjoy even more!



I guess my stay in Zonca was not typical, as stays arranged through Worldpackers usually are.
As I only found out afterwards, my host did not even know the offer I had applied for.
My application was passed on within Zonca, but my host did not even know the offer I had applied for, nor his commitments that would have applied to my volunteering.
Overall, I found Zonca to be so unorganized that it was quite difficult to work there in a meaningful way.
There was also much less „living-community“ than I would have expected.
Alas, now Worldpackers is not offering sufficient space for details

about 2 months ago

Amici replied

This review contains a number of factual errors. Yes, we did 'pass on' Jean Pierre when the host he applied for declined, however, the offers were not significantly different. Zonca is not unorganised even though a lot of activities are completely spontaneous. It is possible of course to feel a little lost, especially if one has not reached out to other members of the community aside from one's host. What really did not work is that I made the stupid mistake —wholely my fault — of agreeing to the volunteer proposal when I knew I would be absent for a week a week and a half into the volunteer stay. This was agreed beforehand, however, it is obvious with hindsight that I cannot expect a volunteer, no matter what age they are, alone without discussing with them who their contacts will be for the duration of the absence. The discussion should have been explicit and I am extremely sorry that it did not occurr due to festivities organised directly prior to my leaving.

This by no means justifies the attitude reflected in this review. An ecovillage is not a hotel where everything happens according to a schedule and exactly as it is stated in some agreement. For the first week of your stay, Jean-Pierre, you seemed to be enjoying yourself and we did cook and eat together and I consistently asked whether you were allright. There was never a moment where I suspected that you were somehow unhappy or dissatisfied. When I left I left my entire house unlocked for you to use anything you liked, there was enough food in the fridge and in the gardens fresh vegetables. There were also plenty of people about. And last but not least, if things were not going as you liked, you could at any time have phoned me or whatsapped me. Instead, you sneaked off like a thief in the night, even leaving exactly as I arrived so as to avoid me. I was returning with shopping and happy that you and I would meet again. The other people in the village told me you were leaving and they had no idea why. I had no idea you were dissatisfied or unhappy in some way, and if you had stayed I would certainly have done my best to turn that around, but you did not give me the opportunity.

To others who have the patience to read through this reply I say, please be a little flexible and certainly do communicate when you are not happy because we do really care about our volunteers having a great time.



My stay in Zonca was incredible, there is everything to do, as well as construction or gardens. They are good people, I stayed with Steffano and he has very good rooms. In free time you can go for a walk in the mountains or even play music, they have a good music room. It is a good place if you are also looking for tranquility and fresh air

over 1 year ago

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