Foodie adventure in Bodrum.

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I'm so grateful this was my first volunteering expirience, everything was way better than I could have ever imagined. After one month it was so sad to leave! I really enjoyed my time and I would love to come back one day.
The schedule was flexible; the work was very fun, easy, well explained and always done as a team. Everyone was very welcoming and nice there.
Thanks for this great opportunity, I'll be always grateful with you!

7 days ago



The days I spent in Asli's home were very good! It's important to have in mind the place is in a very remote area and the public transportation is not easy to access. Just a few people speak english. I was lucky Asli drove me a few times to Bodrum and we went o the beach too. Also, bear in mind Asli needs someone available whenever she needs. There's no schedule and her life is very busy. It's a great opportunity to learn about local culture. Asli is a strong and hard worker woman and even though she is super busy I felt like she cared about me and she was there for me whenever I needed.

9 months ago

United States


what a great experience with Asli and her husband. They will treat you like part of their family. Asli is a very hard working and admirable woman, you will learn a lot with her and I'm sure that she will use any skill you have. Her place is very comfortable and the food she cooks delicious. I'm sure you will enjoy your time with them.

over 1 year ago



Aslı and Haluk were wonderful hosts. Because of the Virus we couldn’t do so much, so my tasks were to help Aslı with cleaning tasks in the day. It’s located next to a small village and perfect for people who loves the nature, animals & food! We had nice conversations about politics and different cultures in the world! It was an amazing experience I will definitely come back one day! 😊

over 2 years ago



Stay with Asli and her family was a great experience! I really enjoyed eating and learning a lot about Turkish culture and food.

About the activities, everyday was different some days I was helping fixing a door o in art project, other days I was washing dishes, picking grapes in the vineyard harvest 2019 or as waiter, gardener or cleaner...

Thank you for the experience!

almost 3 years ago



Overall it was a nice experience. I had all meals included and a bedroom for myself. Asli was a kind and polite host who I had interesting conversation about politics :)
She even let my boyfriend staying for 2 days with us, he had only to paint her balcony in exchange.
The job is easy, although the working hours weren't predetermined. She wants someone to stay available for the whole day, so that you can't plan your day. She had a helper at the time, so I ended up having plenty of free time. I took care of the dog, did some house work and waitressing. She was very flexible with off days.

about 3 years ago



Asli and Haluk were really lovely and welcoming. My stay was very enjoyable, the work was easy and the cooking workshops were fun too! I even learnt quite a bit about food history and Turkish traditions on top of the recipes and cooking methods as both Asli and Haluk are very knowledgeable in this area.
I had plenty of time to relax.
The view from the house is breathtakig. 😍

about 3 years ago



It was lovely place and a great experience. I learned a lot about cooking and Turkish culture. I definitely recommend this place to all worldpackers, Asli and Haluk are awesome. Their house is beautiful and I had a bedroom for myself.
The job is not hard at all, you have to help cooking, preparing the classes and do some cleaning after. Maybe a little gardening too.
On free days I went to bodrum with them and they also took me to some other places.

about 3 years ago



I was at Asli and Haluk's house for almost two weeks and it was a very good experience. I had a room for myself during my entire stay and all meals were included. My work was mainly maintenance and some carpentry tasks in the exterior of the house with Haluk, Asli's husband with whom I shared most of the time. Both are very good people very kind and very concerned at all times. I definitely felt at home and I would definitely recommend the experience

over 3 years ago



soo racism..
and they are not welcoming at all ..when she had 3 empty beds she asked me to sleep on the sofa !
and they told me that i should leave because the are going to visit her dad in istanbul ..

over 3 years ago

Asli replied

Khader, you are such a young guy with a great future ahead of you if you ask yourself what you did wrong and learn from your mistakes. You know that what you wrote here is not true, you stayed with us almost two weeks on a full board basis including all the meals in a private room almost doing nothing in exchange . It doesn't work this way you should put some effort to gain respect. We had to ask you to leave since we needed help in the house this is why we have this position open.

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