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Solo academy

WP Academy

  • Access all courses, guides and playlists made by experts and community influencers
  • Receive a certificate for each complete course
  • Not included: Contact our hosts

WP Trips

  • Apply to and contact all of our hosts
  • Count on our support team and WP Insurance
  • Access all host information
  • Receive invitations from hosts to volunteer
  • Not included: our exclusive Academy content
Solo bundle

WP Pack

  • Full access to the WP Academy plan
  • Full access to the WP Trips plan
Solo academy

WP Academy

Your journey to freedom, flexibility and more travel, learning from experts and community influencers.

Valid for 6 months

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Take the courses

Learn from influencers all about digital nomadism, self-awareness, travel planning and developing new skills.

Get your certificate

After completing each course you will receive a certificate in your profile as an expert on the subject.

Watch the playlists

Travelers like you tell about past experiences and give travel tips to ensure you have the best journey of your life.

Access the guides

Read comprehensive guides written by travelers and influencers to help you plan your trip and make money while you’re traveling.


WP Trips

Apply for thousands of volunteer vacancies around the world and travel as much as you like.

Valid for 1 year and 6 months

Select plan See how it works

Confirm your trips

Apply for opportunities and travel as often as you like anywhere in the world! Collaborate on your host's project and in return receive accommodation and other benefits.

Count on our support team

Talk to our support team if you need help at any time during your trip.

Access WP Insurance

If you need to leave your stay with a host, we help you find a new volunteer or pay for 3 nights' accommodation in a hostel in the same city. Learn more.

Get your certificate

Watch the videos on how to be an exceptional worldpacker and get your certificate to increase the chances of being accepted by the hosts.

Access host information

Access all the host information to make sure that it’s safe to participate in the chosen volunteering opportunity.

Receive invitations from hosts

Be invited by hosts interested in welcoming you as a volunteer. The choice to go or not is completely yours :)

Solo bundle

WP Pack

The WP Pack gives you access to everything Worldpackers has to offer, bringing together all the benefits of WP Academy and WP Trips for you to learn, collaborate and travel.

Valid for 1 year and 6 months

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How do trips with Worldpackers work?

With the WP Trips and WP Pack plans, you can contact the host of your choice and travel safely as often as you like.

Step 1

Apply for as many volunteer opportunities as you want

Step 2

Chat with hosts and ask questions about the position

Step 3

Check the necessary documentation if you want to go abroad

Step 4

If you are approved for volunteering, confirm your trip on the platform

Step 5

Pack your bags and travel like a local!

Step 6

After the experience together, you and the host leave reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member of Worldpackers is the only way to access the Academy's content (courses, certificates, playlists, guides and WP Connections group) and all Worldpackers hosts (to apply and travel as many times as you want within the validity of your plan).

To access Worldpackers benefits. This fee allows Worldpackers to verify and approve more hosts in the community, manage the experiences of travelers and hosts, continue to improve the platform and support you during your transformative travel. Oh, and pay for our coffee, of course :)

Nothing else will be charged to you while using Worldpackers, no matter how many applications or trips you take or how much content you consume.

Some specific hosts ask for an extra collaboration fee to contribute to the institution / NGO or to pay for their experience to be even more profitable, so it is important to check this information with your host before confirming the trip. Learn more.

The refund policies follow the cancellation policies for your chosen plan. To understand all clauses of the refund process, go here.

Don’t worry. We will never renew your plan automatically, so you will only be charged once. You will be notified when your plan is about to expire and the decision to continue or not is yours :)