I'm just a regular guy like you who decided to save money, quit his job, leave his comfort zone, grabbed his backpack full of dreams and went to explore this amazing world of us. Join me! :)

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Federico is an excellent volunteer. He does everything he is asked to do and more. He has initiative, is responsible, always positive and happy, very tidy. We would highly recommend him.


  • Proactividad
  • Responsabilidad
  • Compromiso
  • Sociabilidad

Frederico was a fantastic volunteer the whole time he was with us! He is always willing to help out wherever he can, and is very responsible and hardworking. I'd highly recommend Frederico to other hosts! :)


  • Proactividad
  • Responsabilidad
  • Compromiso
  • Sociabilidad
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My time volunteering at The Irish Experience was absolute FUN! I got to experience the ocean on a way I never had before. Also, Graham and Kimberley are two amazing hosts who shortly made me feel like home since I got to Ireland and they are nice to spend time with.



A great place to volunteer at to discover Budapest from its very heart. The night shifts were very chill and I had plenty of time to discover the city when not working.
The atmosphere between the volunteers was lovely and made my stay more fun! Also, Max and Pal are very nice and cool people. They'll always make you feel comfortable. I totally recommend this experience. Thanks guys!



  • Fluído: Inglés y Español


¡Soy un experto!
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I graduated from High School and went to University to study Tourism but later that year I decided to quit College and star to follow my passion which is to become a Commercial Pilot.
Later in 2017, I graduated as a Bartender.

Experiencia laboral

Córdoba - I worked at my family's Holiday Resort during 4 summers in the reception, as a waiter (on weekends) and also did some guided tours to our guests around the mountain range.
Córdoba - I've worked at a Law Office (commercial area) managing credit cards debts.

New York City - I did my first volunteer in NY with a non-profit called Sprout, I was a tour guide for people with developmental disabilities. Our mission as leaders was to make the most out of the trips so they have an unforgettable vacation! We had many responsibilities which made me improve a lot as a person. Lovely experience.

I was a receptionist and also helped with general tasks in 3 of the most popular hostels in Italy. I also did night shifts and bar work at the hostel's caffé.

Venice - L'Imbarcadero Hostel (1.5 months)
Milan - Queen Hostel (1 month)
Genova - Victoria Hostel (1.5 months)

- I'm a Wolrdpacker's Blogger since December 2018

Experiencia de viaje

I lived in the USA for 4 years and on my last trip I did a volunteer as a tour guide and travelled around New York, New Jersey, Boston, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Philadelphia with an NGO.
At the moment I'm living in Italy and also went to Split and Hvar in Croatia.

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