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Volunteer abroad with Worldpackers

Never pay for accommodation on your travels

Volunteer at hostels, homestays, guesthouses, NGOs, farms and ecovillages and save up to 60% on your travel expenses. Use your hospitality, marketing, gardening and bartending skills to travel the world for cheap.

Cheapest places to travel

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Tips and inspiration from other budget travelers

Advice, tips and hacks for budget travel

From finding cheap flights to apps that will help save you money, learn everything you need to know to travel on a budget on your next trip.

Using Worldpackers to travel on a budget

Find out how to use Worldpackers to travel the world on a budget and start ticking travel goals off your bucket list!

Where to travel on a budget

From Latin America to Asia, discover the world’s best places to travel on a budget.

The ultimate guides for budget travelers

Your travel dreams don’t have to cost a fortune. Discover how you can travel on a budget in some of the world’s top travel destinations.

Get inspired

Read amazing stories from budget travelers around the world and get inspired to make budget travel your reality.

Want to travel the world with Worldpackers?

Volunteer abroad and immerse yourself in new cultures while getting free stays with hostels, NGOs, farms, ecovillages, and tons of other incredible work exchange opportunities in 100+ countries!