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  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English

Volunteer Experiences

Experience in Portugal

Surf Camp Lisbon, Portugal Jun/2019

Photography and Video Making

Host didn’t write a review

Experience in Belgium

Hostel Bruges, Belgium Feb/2019

Housekeeping and Cleaning

Review written by the host

Awesome volunteer - always happy to socialise with other staff and working hard. Thanks for everything Camila!

Review written by Camila

I had a great experience at the Bauhaus. All the staff are amazing and made me feel at home. I enjoyed a lot the time that I was working there, and also the time that I spent at the bar! I chose very well the place for my first time as a volunteer and I don't have any doubts that I want to return someday! The city is cute, lovely and you can do everything on foot or by bike. If you are looking for a friendly place, to improve your languages and have fun, you should apply to this opportunity.

Academy Certificates

Worldpackers Academy was created to prepare the travel community to be committed and engaged volunteers.


How to kill it on TikTok: the platform of new opportunities

Portuguese version

Completed the course “How to kill it on TikTok: the platform of new opportunities”, learning new strategies for TikTok and how to monetize their channel.


How to earn up to a thousand dollars in a month with a digital product

Portuguese version

Completed the course “How to build and launch a digital product”, learning online product launch strategies and how to gain credibility with their audience to generate sales.

Worldpackers Programs

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Producing educational videos for the Academy

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Como começar a fotografar? Veja os equipamentos básicos!


Chega de teoria, vamos praticar juntos!


AGO! With Me

Camila Agostini de 26 anos, é do interior de Mato Grosso do Sul, designer por formação e fotógrafa por paixão! Já passou por 9 países e durante 6 meses viveu a experiência de trabalho voluntário na Bélgica, Holanda e por fim como fotógrafa em um Surf Camp em Portugal. Hoje mora na Bélgica trabalhando com turismo e como produtora de conteúdo freelancer (Foto e Vídeo).


  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish


I'm an expert!
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Video Making
Some experience
  • Cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Party Promoter
I want to learn it
  • Administration
  • Arts
  • Bartending
  • Cooking
  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Night Shift
  • Reception
  • Teaching Languages
  • Teaching Sports
  • Tour Guide



My mother always made the possible to make me busy all the time, so I studied a lot of subjects, like music, tecnology, languages, sports...
When I went to the college of Product Design, I discouver that I love communication and not projecting. So I've decided to grow up as a graphic designer.

Work Experience

I have been working since I was a child. For me, work is the art of help the people around us. With just 13, I got my first paid job as a graphic designer. After that, I worked in photography studios, print companies, until came across with marketing and communication of fashion brands.
Nowadays I work as a social media, as content producer (Photo and Video) and as a designer.

Travel Experience

I really love to travel and I have a lot things to tell you. But the most impact experience of my life was the first time I traveled ALONE!
I had to went out of my comfort zone and with that I learn things that I'll carry with me forever!