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The point hostel is the best place if you're looking for parties and to meet people. Everyday there's some party at night. The shifts are flexible, if you work in the afternoon you problably will organize stuffs and clean the bar, and at night you make drinks, entertain the guests and party too. It's very fun. I was sick for a couple days and the guys understood it very well, so I took the day off. Also, the staff it's like a family!



What a great experience! Thanks to the whole team for these 2 weeks, i wanted to stay. A real plus with a great staff. See you soon! Love



The point hostel its not an experience for everyone, but for me it was a pretty fun and fulfilling one. If you like to party then this is perfect for you. The nights of craziness and energy are a common thing of the day. The work as a bartender its very simple to learn, nobody expects you to be a professional one, just serve the drink of the day and get everyone their beer. The staff that i encountered were always nice and helpful, and i made some good and lasting friends. I recommend it to all the crazy backpackers out there, and the ones that want to try crazy for a while.



I had a great time at the point hostel in Lima.
After 2 days training, I was able to work on my own during the day shifts and during the night shifts we were at least always 2 people. It was a amazing experience and I can recommend it to everyone. It was more fun than work. Unfortunately I had to leave because i had my ticket back to Europe, otherwise I would have stayed definitely longer 😊


Olga respondeu

Zoran, it was a pleasure to meet you and have you as a part of our team!


The Point hostel fue sin duda alguna lo mejor de mi 2017, desde el día 1 el staff se encarga de hacerte sentir como casa, formamos parte de una gran familia. Es un lugar que te atrapa y del cuál no te quieres ir, lo recomiendo con los ojos cerrados al 100%


Olga respondeu

Dougie!!! Te extrañamos todos! Esperamos verte pronto.

Reino Unido

The Point, is no longer a commun place. It is the best place ever, in Lima. There I made a family, friends, and of course I´ve learned all about Bar. Definitley the best place ever


Olga respondeu

Gracias Rijk! Hope to see you again soon!

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