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WE DO NOT SEND OUT LETTERS OF INVITATION. YOU MUST OBTAIN YOUR OWN VISA'S WITHOUT OUR HELP. For a small family farm, we do a lot, and are involved with our Local Farmers Market. So much to do and learn here, Our Beautiful Town of Greeneville, Full of History, and all the wonderful things to do around the area. Some of the Things we are doing now: Building Projects, Can House, Remodel House, Deck to be built(almost finished) Hot Tub installed, Pallet Garden to build, Greenhouse planting, Winter Garden Prep, Farm Clean up, chicken house needs to be rebuilt, goats need hooves trimmed, Preparing for winter for a farm mean a lot of everything needs to be done If you can't take the time to fill out our online application, read about us and visit our website, Then maybe you don't need to be an intern. A good intern will know all about their prospective host and their farm, all the things that they do on their farms, and are ready to jump in and help with whatever needs to be done. If you have to ask "what will my job be", then you are not coming to a farm with the necessary attitude to be of any help to a farmer.

Walter and I are pretty laid back. When things need to be done, though, we like to get them done, so we can move on to other things. We also enjoy our free time, just relaxing, taking a siesta or just enjoying the animals on the farm.


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I had a most excellent and fun week at the old farmhouse ! Judy and I talked and laughed a lot and I cannot believe how many things I learned in the short time that I was there from making pickles and baking bread to work in the farmers market planting vegetables and working to tend the garden. Walter and Judy drove an hour each way to make sure that I saw the Biltmore house in North Carolina and I felt totally at home when I was there
Thanks again Judy and Walter tell dolly I say hi LOL


Judy respondeu

We loved having you. I sure hope you will come back again and stay a lot longer. So much more we wanted to show and teach you. Hurry back.

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I learned how drive a tractor, bush hog and turn dryer lint into a 🔥 Starter.


Judy respondeu

Thank you Chris for helping Walter like you did.


Wonderfull, Judy and Walter are incredible. I would like to go back


Judy respondeu

Luzi is an amazing person. We will welcome her back for a much longer stay anytime she is ready. What a great help and a very loving person.


I had my expectations before I came. Now, for sure, I can say that my experience on the farm was much better than anything I'd planned.
The hosts are sensational people in all aspects. Courteous, funny and always respected my way of being and my culture. They also took special care in my adaptation, since I'm not fluent in English and had no experience with farm activities.
I really hope to return on the farm to meet them again.


Judy respondeu

Marcelo was a pleasure to have on our farm. Very helpful, and eager to learn. Added Bonus: He is a great cook. Our hope is that he will return soon., and we are looking forward to meeting his family some day soon. Thank you again Marcelo for all your help here on the farm and for taking such good care of us.

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