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The first step is to choose a plan and join our community.

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Find hosts to collaborate with and confirm your first trip on the platform.

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Receive references from hosts and be recognized as a community Expert.

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You need to be an active Member (of a Trips or Pack plan) and have positive reviews to apply to our WP Programs, produce content, earn some money, and travel even more.


Create content about your volunteering experiences for WP’s social media with your phone and earn $!

What we need:

  • Travelers with at least 1 positive review on our platform.

What you get:

  • Monthly remuneration to produce content for WP's social media accounts.
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Help other travelers and friends discover that they too can have a transformative travel experience. Help to grow our community and get paid when someone becomes a member using your Expert code.

What we need:

  • Travelers who have at least 2 positive reviews on our site.

What you get:

  • Commission for each conversion generated by your Expert code.
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Write articles for Worldpackers and earn from US$50 to US$160 for each approved piece of content published on our platform.

What we need:

  • You have to have traveled to the places that you will write about.

What you get:

  • Compensation for each approved article published on Worldpackers.
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What are the Experts saying about it

Felippe Bernardes

Worldpackers Guru

"In addition to promoting this community that has such a great purpose behind it, I get paid for each person who subscribes to the platform with my Guru code. I have earned over US$1.200 in commissions and it literally saved me while I was on the road.
Today I have a nomadic lifestyle, I work from anywhere with content production, showing my daily life as a volunteer and also what I do in my free time."

Juliana Arthuso

Worldpackers Blogger

"My first opportunity to work as a freelancer was as a WP Blogger. I was still working in the office when I wrote my first article. Today I work from anywhere! I did not imagine that my experiences could help other people to get out of their comfort zone. The money I make as a WP Blogger is a great help for backpackers, helps with tickets and tours. It has been an incredible opportunity to develop my skills while helping the community."


Worldpackers Scout

"Last month I earned US$100 as a Worldpackers Scout. I live traveling, volunteering, and filming all the places I get to know. It is a challenge to live on the road. Intense but surprising. I’m delighted with my Worldpackers lifestyle!"

Aline Rodrigues

Worldpackers Videomaker

"Being able to share tips and information with the Worldpackers community is a great opportunity to develop myself as a youtuber and make some money while traveling. I've learned a lot: I've improved in terms of screenwriting, recording, editing, and I've also gained more knowledge about YouTube as a tool. Loving this opportunity!"

How do I stand out?

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The first step is to travel!

Have unique experiences, be an exceptional volunteer, and transform yourself by collaborating with our community hosts.

Get positive reviews from hosts

Worldpackers is a community of people who believe in growth, transformation, and collaboration.

The more you live with this spirit, the more you can share it and help more people to believe in it.

So, confirm trips and get reviews on our site to be recognized by the community and selected for the programs.


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