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The first step is to choose a plan and join our community.


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Find hosts to collaborate with and confirm your first trip on the platform.


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Receive references from hosts and be recognized as a community Expert.


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With your active membership, sign up for a program and inspire people from around the world.


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Become an Expert to apply to the WP Programs, contribute to our community, earn some money, and travel even more. All you need is to have positive reviews and an active membership to participate.


Help other travelers and friends discover that they too can have a transformative travel experience. Help to grow our community and get paid when someone becomes a member using your Expert code.

What we need:

  • Travelers who have at least 2 positive reviews on our site.

What you get:

  • Comission for each conversion generated by your Expert code.
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Help us transform amazing projects and sites into Worldpackers hosts and get paid for each new approved host you bring to our community.

What we need:

  • Travelers who are passionate about Worldpackers’ purpose with at least two positive reviews from community hosts;
  • Have a good communication level in the language spoken in the project location;
  • The ability to convince cool projects to become hosts using all available methods - phone, messages, emails, personal contact, videoconference... Every way is okay! :)

What you get:

  • Payment per approved host for predetermined countries and project types.
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Write articles for Worldpackers and get paid for content pubished on our platform.

What we need:

  • Have traveled to places that will be the subject of the requested content.

What you get:

  • Compensation for each article published on Worldpackers.
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How do I stand out?

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The first step is to travel!

Have unique experiences, be an exceptional volunteer, and transform yourself by collaborating with our community hosts.

Get positive reviews from hosts


Worldpackers is a community of people who believe in growth, transformation, and collaboration.


The more you live with this spirit, the more you can share it and help more people to believe in it.


So, confirm trips and get reviews on our site to be recognized by the community and selected for the programs.