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Guest House Culla, Spain

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Ayudanos con Social Media & Web Marketing mientras disfrutas de Culla! :)

Connect with nature
4 travelers recommend this experience for reconnecting with nature
Connect with the locals
3 travelers recommend this host to have close contact with locals
Accepts couples and pairs of volunteers
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Hours per week
Help out and collaborate with your host only a few hours per week.
Content Writer
Write, edit and publish inspiring content.
Take, edit and provide amazing photos.
Video Making
Create, edit and publish digital videos.
Social Media
Maintain and update social media channels.
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What you get


Days off per week
Have some time off for yourself, go explore the city or rest for a while.
Private Room
You will have a bed in a private room. In other words, a room just for you.
You are entitled to a free breakfast, every day of your stay.
Free Laundry
You can use our laundry room freely.
Bikes at your disposal
You can use our bikes any time you want.
Pick Up
We will pick you up when you arrive, and take you to our property.
Use our equipped kitchen
Feel free to use our kitchen and make your own delicious food.
Get help from the Worldpackers support team in case you need it, at any point of your trip.
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The Experience

Necesitamos alguien que quiera vivir la experiencia de un nómada digital y pueda comunicar en nuestra red social cómo es la experiencia diaria aquí en nuestro coliving rural. Otras tareas: - Mejorar el contenido del sitio web (Wordpress, SEO) - Crea algunos agregados para SEM (FB e IG) - Haz fotos y quizás videos también.

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  • Intermediate English or Intermediate Spanish
  • Over 22 years old
  • Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

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Stay at least
2 weeks

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6 Reviews


Host & Team


Hours & Tasks


Guest House


Learning & Fun


How this experience will transform you

4 Get in touch with nature

3 Meeting locals

3 Meeting international travelers

2 Immersing in the local culture

2 Practicing Spanish

2 Practicing English



Beautiful place.
Utterly remote, if you do not have a car you are stuck there.
There is a half-wolf large untrained dog free on the premises.
Agreed hours and days of work are grossly ignored.
As soon as you find a process and a routine that works they change it.
Mismanagement, micromanagement, need-to-know basis instead of transparent communication.
Treated like the help and expected to do everything, instead of this volunteering position being one of assistance and collaboration; full time job that doesn't pay.
No longer a co-living for digital nomads, but a hotel.Buyer beware.

5 months ago

Andrea replied

We don't recommend her as a volunteer, we have a really bad experience with her. After reviewing her comment I've seen some lies here so I'm going to explain our vision and everybody can take their conclusions.
We already have previously worked with 11 people across this last year and we have always had a good environment with all of them, even more, some of them have become our friends nowadays.

- There is a half-wolf large untrained dog free on the premises-> It's a dog of 1.5 years, super social and everybody loves her, including Ava, that has a good relationship with the dog so I'm not understanding that hurting comment.

The other comments that she mentioned are explained below.

But what happened with Ava was in general weird in many aspects. Ava seems an autonomous worker at a glance, with a capacity of a problem-solver. But what happened is that she suggested some things that we couldn't afford economically, for example, using the dryer every day during 5-6 hours. It seems that when we suggested doing the tasks in another way, as the staff team did previously, she didn't stay comfortable so she was moody. Many times she didn't listen to me and again, just do the task as she thought that it was better in this way... all of these were minor things but should be counted with the whole experience.
Her behaviour is quite worrying. Some hours she was super happy but then the majority of the days she was like on her own, with headphones and was so complicated to say hello to her once you pass nearby her because she never looks at you. This mood was something that impacted the four members of the staff team from the first day. Socialize is not mandatory if they don't want to, of course. But if you go to a hotel & coliving you are going to live in a community and that mood did not help to create a good atmosphere.

She always said that she was working on many things, but at the end of the day, the tasks weren't done properly. We don't have any problem explaining the task to do as many times as possible, but as I said previously, she preferred to find her way to do the things so sometimes it took a long time. We find another volunteer in August when the coliving run as a hotel to support her. But she doesn't request the help of the other volunteer until the second week of that volunteer when she expresses that was burned and we cannot know that if she doesn't advise us... really bad communication skills.

To end, she was expected to stay 1 month more than she stayed. We request that if she needs to move before that date that let us know in advance to look for another volunteer. But what happened was an unexpected scenario. One day she told us that she wouldn't work anymore because she had found another job and she had to leave. Besides, she told us that she had accumulated a lot of extra worked hours and we should compensate her. We freak out because something that we clearly say always is that if any volunteer works more hours one day because he/she prefer then that hours should be taken off from the coming days. We offer a 100% flexible schedule where each volunteer can work 5h during the time of the day that he prefers.

That was the trigger at the end of his time here. We explained to him that if we take volunteers it is because we cannot afford to pay anyone yet. And here our relationship with her ends so she left and we have continued working with another volunteer, and everything is fine, as with the previous 11 volunteers.



Mi experience at Ruralco was really amazing. For the 4 worldpackers I have done so far, this one was the best. Not only the hosts were extremly nice but also the place and was beautiful. Additionally, we shared hiking, food parties, movies, card games, etc with all the community at the co-living space. We have learnt a lot from the 2 weeks there and would be very happy to recommend this place to any other volunteers.

9 months ago



Anna, Carlota and Oscar are very welcoming! They live at a beautiful place in a lovely house. I had such a fun time with them all. Anna and Oscar explain the tasks very well.

I had a great experience here!

9 months ago



Our time at Ruralco was AMAZING 🤩. Anna, Carlota and Oscar are the best hosts anyone could ask for. They make everyone feel at home and are very clear with the tasks volunteers have to perform. We helped them to recondition some spaces (mainly painting).
At Ruralco one can meet interesting people and enjoy a game night 🎲🃏, watch a movie together at the cinema room 🍿 or go for a nice hike in the nature 🏞️
We will truly miss everyone, but most of all Ura 🐺 (the loveliest dog ever)

9 months ago



O lugar é bem afastado da cidade, ideal para quem quer desconectar e se concentrar, posso afirmar que é o retiro ideal para nómades digitais! A infra-estrutural é completa, tem academia, sala de cinema, escritório e suites incríveis. O pessoal todo é super amigável e acolhedor. Obrigada Anna e Carlota pela incrível experiência, com certeza iremos nos ver em breve!

6 months ago

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