Experience in the Tea mountains of Hill Tribes

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I had a great experience at Mr. Tri Shan Tea House. He is very kind and generous man. He has a helpful attitude, and assists me every time i needed.
The job was easy and fun. The kids are really sweet and all the staf always made me feel like home.
Also I got to know some amazing places!
Thank you very much for all! I will miss you so much and I hope I can came back someday.




My stay with Mr.Tri Shan&the tea house could not have been better. The work he does&the local people that work&live at the house are all amazing. Fully recommend it!Such fun, admirable, friendly and remarkable people.We learnt about the process and tradition of tea&taught English to local adults&children. Accommodation is good,food AMAZING(the9$Is fair)The work you do is chilled out with room for own ideas.Beautiful scenery,location&excursions!Thanks Mr.Tri Shan&everyone,for the dancing,laughs&connection!You will always have a special place in my heart.Life is a gift, experience is the beauty!




The experience in the Ha Giang montains was amazing! Nothing was as expected, but even better! The place is awesome and the lokals incredibly kind! Wish you the best with the project! Hope i caan be there again some day! Thank you! Came on!🙏🏾




An amazing experience from every point of view. Far from tourists you will explore and experience the real Vietnam and it's tea culture while at the same time you will have the chance to contribute and help in a really nice place with great people. Mr. Shan is a game changer on helping others and raising up a whole's society standards and way of living.




I had a really good time in Mr. Shan's tea farm, i stayed there for almost two weeks and i have enjoyed and learned a lot, i teached english to adults from Wednesday to Friday and to kids during the weekend, all these people are always grateful and happy to be helped. I expended my time here with volunteers, vietnamese students and Mr. Shan, who is a delightful person with many knowledge and very good philosophy.
We also visited very beautiful and not turistic places around the area that i will never forget.
The food was amazing and the tea super good 🤩
Thanks Mr. Shang




Great experience, the concept of it is very interesting and you can learn a lot about tea production, collection, etc. A lot of free time to explore the area of Ha Giang




I had only a short time at the Tea House but had the chance to see and experience many different things. There was a nice sense of community and conviviality throughout despite the language barrier. This place does plenty of good for the local community and deserves support.




the experience was good, but unfortunately I can not stay longer because of my visa issues and the little time I had to visit more of Vietnam, the place is beautiful and the deal with the other volunteers and the team was great; the views of the place are amazing and the history of the importance of tea in this region is fascinating, pick up tea, go to the village where it is collected was the best experience I had of the place




Overall great experience! we went picking up the tea and processing it, learnt how to work with bamboo and taught to the local children English in the weekend! definitely recommend, staff was awesome, felt like home !




Ha Giang Tea House is a very unique experience, a quirky magical place, with a giant teapot out the front, and many interesting characters inside, everything infused with the good smell of tea and the taste of peacefulness. We did tea picking, built a bamboo pen for the piglets, taught English to the local children, went on beautiful hikes and excursions, rode motorbikes, cooked, did yoga... it is place where your many talents will be appreciated. And spent many nights drinking tea and playing card games :) Many volunteers and staff to spend time and socialize with.


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