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I had an amazing time with World Meets Kenya. Sam made sure that the stay was enjoyable by listening to the comments and planned activities depending on what you like and how you feel on the day. I got to plan trees, spend time in a local school but my favourite part was to play daily with the kids of the neighbourhood. They are all very keen to know more about you and where you come from and you’ll get to know more about their daily life in Kenya. They also have so much love to give! There was never a dull day. I miss the children so much already and cannot wait to go back one day ☺️




First of all: THE KIDS ARE AMAZING. I’m missing them every day!

Samuel and his wife are really friendly and open for suggestions.

The schools are wonderful with great teachers and a lot of devoted children who will definitely play with your hair 😅

Keep in mind it’s a basic facility with no real shower and sometimes no water but that’s part of the experience ☺️

I’m going back without a doubt!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me a message!





Is was amazing the experience of volunteering. The community and the children really need help and are open arms to welcome and be welcomed. I believe in losing transformed into this cultural and compassionate exchange.




It was a very nice experience.. Sam and the kids are great they are very helpful and kind .. the nature of kenya is great .. the trips are amazing especially the giraffe center it was the best ..
the house is good but needs some improvements
I recommend it to the worldpackers and adventurers ..you will have a good and very new experience ❤️❤️




It's very hard for me to rate this project because people who work there are WONDERFUL, but unfortunely the project itself still needs a lot of planning

1) It's not self sustaining (they need volunteer's money to run)

2) 'Football', 'Planting Trees' and other projects just exists on website

3) They asked older kids not to join the volunteers (I totally disagree)

Bathroom and meals very simple... The bedroom is good, although it cannot be locked.

Feel free to write me if you have any question

Thanks, WorlsMeetsKenya!
Asante Sana! Nitakumiss!




I decided to live this experience because I thought to have so much love to share, but as soon as I got there I understood that I was going to get, not to give, love and more: smiles, kisses, hugs, caresses.
It’s amazing, seeing it’s believing!
Children need you, they will welcome you with huge gratitude.
I only want to say that I think the additional daily fee is too high compared with the cost of living in Kenya


United States


Working for Sam was great. He was extremely patient and laid back. World Meets Kenya has a lot more volunteering opportunities than just helping out with the website. For those that wish to have a more hands on experience in community development, they have a wealth of projects that offer just that. Additionally, Sam is able to cater to your tastes if you mail him what you are looking for. I'd highly recommend taking up this opportunity!




Kenya!! a place where you should not go without visiting, see so much love for giving and sharing. Thank you! I change my life! The children of Kenya need you!
De Argentina Mendoza. Valio la Pena tantas horas de viaje.




Grateful for all the experiences I could have on this incredible trip. I shared with the people of the community, the nearby schools and a wonderful orphanage that allowed me to live one of the most special experiences of my life, as well as other outings to know the environment. The stay was to feel at home, completely cozy, delicious meals prepared with love, the person who accompanied me always affectionate. I was also grateful to Samuel for taking care of me and worrying that I was fine all the time. Highly recommended for those who want to come with WorldMeetsKenya / ElMundoSeEncuentraCo




Tive o prazer de ajudá-los na construção de um novo programa para executar com voluntários e fazer essa organização ser auto sustentável. Passo a passo e com a ajuda do coletivo e cobrança dos voluntários, acredito ser possível manter as idéias discutidas. Pude ver a organização de um só homem se transformar em um time, com pessoas prontas para discutir idéias e trabalharem juntas para melhorias da comunidade e de si próprios como uma forma de projeto cooperativo. Obrigada por abrirem a cabeça e a organização para idéias e novos projetos.


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