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Experience in Tanzania

Community Arusha, Tanzania Dec/2019

Animal Care, Social Work, Farming, and Gardening

Review written by the host

It was nice having Lina and Kelvin in our project. they are hard working and always ready to help wherever there is called upon to assist. They have deep passion for the children. They diligently and passionately offered skills, energy and resources to help the orphans and vulnerable children. To you Lina and Kelvin, forever you will remain in our hearts. Remember you have a home in Arusha and always feel free to walk in anytime you feel like. Your parts of our family.Asante sana

  • Responsibility
  • Sociability
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment

Review written by Lina

We have a great time volunteering at Jame's organization. We got to share with some other volunteers with different countries and with Jame's family as well.We worked in his farm and also in the orphanage. It was a . good experience. James was always willing to teach us and help us with everything. I highly recommend this experience. Thank you James for everything.

Experience in Germany

Hostel Berlin, Germany Aug/2018


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A finales del 2013 renuncié a mi trabajo para cambiar mi estilo de vida y empezar a vivir una vida itinerante. Desde entonces he viajado sola por más de 16 países, he escrito y publicado mis vivencias de viajes en mi blog, mis redes sociales y decenas de revistas, periódicos y páginas web; he dictado conferencias y he ayudado a cientos de mujeres a salir de su zona de confort y luchar contra sus miedos e inseguridades.


  • French
  • Spanish
  • English


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  • Administration
  • Child Care
  • Cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • Night Shift
  • Party Promoter
  • Photography
  • Reception
  • Social Media
  • Social Work
  • Tour Guide
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  • Animal Care
  • Teaching Languages
  • Web Developer
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  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Video Making



I received my diploma in Hotel Management and did interships in New York city and France. I have take courses in marketing digital and photography. I'm a travel blogger since 2014.

Work Experience

I am trilingual (Spanish,French and English), I have an International driver's license. I am very adaptable to all sorts of work environments, I have a lot of experience working with people and in customer service. As I have already mention before I have worked in the front desk at a Hotel in Colombia and three hostels in Argentina, Chile and Brasil and as an Aupair in the USA and France. No matter what task I am assigned to do, you can be sure I will do it with great enthusiasm and give it my best effort.

Travel Experience

I lived one year in New York city and two years in France. I've backpacked around Europe, and South America. I'm a full-time job travel blogger so basicaly I've been traveling non stop around the world since 2014.