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Due to the current scenario, we are focusing all our efforts and resources to take care of our community of travelers and hosts, especially those who are going through the biggest challenges right now.

Therefore, we had to make the difficult decision to freeze all the programs from the Worldpackers Gigs: Experts, Bloggers, Scouts, Creators and Talkers. Verified Worldpackers members can still enroll in the programs, but registrations will only be re-evaluated when they are reopened.

We’ll do our best to make this happen as soon as possible and we’ll notify the whole community when the time is right.

Keep helping and inspiring other travelers,

The Worldpackers team.

How it works

We believe traveling is what makes you stand out from the crowd!

How to stand out for a Gig? Travel!

  1. Travel as a volunteer and get positive reviews from Worldpackers hosts

  2. Watch exclusive WP Academy content to increase your chances of getting good reviews

Worldpackers Gigs

Help us fulfill our mission to make more people travel. Part of our revenue gets reinvested in gigs for travelers in our community.


Help other travelers in the community by answering their questions and get paid for each person you help.

What we need:

  • Travelers with at least three positive reviews from Worldpackers hosts
  • We also take into consideration the destinations you’ve visited and types of Worldpackers exchanges you’ve participated in.

What you get:

  • Get paid for answering questions in our chat


Write articles for Worldpackers and get paid for content posted on our site.

What we need:

  • Travelers who are passionate about Worldpackers and have at least one positive review from Worldpackers hosts
  • Travelers with travel writing experience who understand SEO

What you get:

  • Payment per post published on Worldpackers

WP Talks

Share your tips and stories in video format and get paid for content posted on our site.

What we need:

  • People who can offer advice based on real experience
  • People with at least one positive review from Worldpackers hosts
  • We’re not looking for professional videomakers, but travelers with some experience that can make videos within minimum quality standards
  • People who are not afraid to talk to the camera :)

What you get:

  • Payment per video (talk) published on Worldpackers


Help us contract more hosts and get paid for every new approved host that joins our community.

What we need:

  • People with at least one positive review on their Worldpackers profile
  • People who are comfortable speaking on the phone and talking about Worldpackers :)

What you get:

  • Payment per host approved by our team

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