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Pigs, cows, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats... we need your help! Just to feed them is a job! Sometimes the goats have babies and we have to take care of them, give them milk, etc. Please, help us to cut and cook the food for the pigs, help us to go with the goats everyday to the field, to maintain the cows house clean and to take care of the chickens!

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2 semanas

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I had a wonderful time at this school!
It's located on a quiet farm and in a very peaceful setting. The food is amazing and the children are great. I was sad to leave. I would definitely go back again. It was a life changing experience for me.




The kids are very friendly; they make the volunteers feel welcomed! Lunch&dinner cost $3usd each & it is a lot of delicious food.
BCI lacks organization & the whole experience was not what I expected. Even if the kids need our help, this organization doesn't work as it advertises itself. Only two volunteers gave the classes and the rest of us (aprox. 5) were supposed to just sit in the class. I asked what was needed &if I could help with something specific and they just said "with whatever you want". You cannot be picky with hygiene and insects (rooms&bathroom), and to going to town costs $5


Hong respondido

Hello Maria Camila!
Thank you for appreciate our food, we are so happy to hear this!

You are right! we really need help! Here we never stop so everyone can help with the English classes, feeding the goats, cutting the vegetables to make the food for the animals, help in the kitchen, etc You just need to bring here your skills and desire to help.

Regarding the hygiene, we live together as a family, not as a guests, so we need to take care of everything, including our rooms and bathrooms. And regarding the insects... we cannot control the rainy season, but that is why we offer you mosquito repellent.

Exchange peace and love are the most important things that all of us can share over here!



I would truly recommendation this volunteer work, for everyone.
The children in the orphanage are lovely, fun and very intelligent. They can make you busy all day long.
There are so much things to be done. They have a lot of animals and farm work but everything work in perfect harmony.
Also the food is one of the best part of my experience. For sure the food in BCI one of the best food in Cambodia.
I am so grateful to have been in BCI. I learned a lot, I improved my personal skills and the most important, I had so much fun.
Thank you BCI. Love you all xxxxx


Hong respondido

Thank you Juliane!
You filled BCI with your passion, your inner light and your happiness every second of the day. You made this place happier and funnier for almost two months!
Your sensibility and the way you do everything is special, you put your heart in every word you say and that is praiseworthy!
You deserved all the 20 smiles you won everyday Juliane!




I was hesitant to make feedback because I did not meet them. But the fact that I didnt meet them started an awful experience. They told me they were not informed of my arrival even if my schedule was clear and I had conversation with them. Mine may be a rare case, & other volunteers had good experience. But I am curious why the people at the airport who assist tourists said that they had never heard such organization before, and that they couldnt locate it.
(Description is not possible w/o rating,so to be fair, 3☆ for other categories. Send me message if you need more info. Space is not enou


Hong respondido

Hello Jasmin!
Thank you for your interest in BCI!
So sorry for this! We try to do our best every day but sometimes we make mistakes, sorry!

There are thousand of centers and orphanages in Cambodia, impossible to keep all of them on their mind!
You will be welcome if you decide to come here and share your time with us :)

A big hug from BCI!



This was one of the greatest expereriences I had, the children are awesome and the place is so good. I stayed two weeks there and I have to say that I think is not enough if you want to do a real work because when I started to know how is working everything and knowing more about the level of english of the children it was time to leave, but well at the same time is nice to just try to help as much as you can to them. I recomend BCI for sure to all people who are really interested in challenging projects of teaching and feel motivate and energetic to help them in the class and everyday life.


Hong respondido

Thank you so much for your help Ada!!
Absolutely agree with you, two weeks are not enough... but is difficult to find people able to share with us one, two, three months... and that's would be great for the kids!

Thank you for your time Ada, you are more than welcome!
We have two more baby goats now! :)

Big hug!

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