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The hostel is a massive ship sailing the concrete jungle of south tel aviv, an oasis in the urban Jaffa. The hostel itself resides in a former textile factory located just off the historic border of the first Tel Aviv neighborhoods and Old Jaffa. We built it with our own hands and work on it everyday to make it nicer and more fun. Inside the place is all wooden floor and we have dorms and privates, AC or not. All new bathrooms and spacious showers are shared. We have both A rooftop sea breeze sun deck upstairs, and downstairs its the chillout yard all sofas, swimming pool in summer , and the occasional party taking place. Here at the hostel we believe in a communal environment. Traveling is our shared passion, and we love having part of our staff be volunteers (many of who are travelers themselves). We are looking for a variety of workers: Reception, Daily Maintenance (cleaning rooms, laundry, etc), Repair Men/Women, and the ALL IMPORTANT Night Receptionist. We also aim to be a home for the (street) arts. Have you got artistic skills? We welcome creative expression in all forms; photographers and graphic designers are especially welcome, and our walls are always ready for new and interesting murals. Come and bring your talent and skills. We are a growing organization; we do our best and learn as we go, from our volunteer family as well as each other. You are welcome to initiate events, offer suggestions and choose projects that best suit your interest and skills.

Staff are family, staying together in staff dorm, taking turns cooking lunch (we provide basic ingredients), joining the weekly staff meeting where we update and discuss issues, we take care of each other and the hostel. We are very present on a adaily basis to hear you.


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I definitely do not recommend being a volunteer in this hostel. The problem is how they deal with this kind of experience as hosts. If you are assigned to do cleaning, you will work hard. They do not have employees in this area, and the volunteers have to work as regular employees. There was a heavy environment around because most volunteers from cleaning weren't happy at all. If you need the whole review, write to me. There are some good people there, of course. But there are many more places you can have a much better experience.

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I had the most amazing summer ever! I worked in reception and it was so nice seeing guest who have traveled thousands of miles just to experience the holy land. I love overstay tlv and I will always be an overstayer!

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Yes you are a hard core real deal Overstayer!
Tnx for being awesome!!!



Overstay Tel Aviv was one of mu best volunteer experiences! The hostel has a real hippie, cool and homy vibe and I felt I was home after two days of being there. The really fun thing is that the place is almost run by volunteers so you will always have someone around to hang out or to ask questions. The tasks are really easy and you can always talk to the manager about your schedule! And besides all this, Israel is a beautiful country, so if you are thinking to go there, you should volunteer at Overstay!

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Omer and Dani are really good persons! The environment is very cool, chewba and kaz are too sweet ❤️ definitely im gonna miss this place, near to the beach and the family we made!

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What an incredible 3 weeks! This was the perfect way for me to see Israel, whilst meeting new people and saving money. Being a small country, it was easy to travel everywhere within Israel having overstay TLV as a base. The work was fair for what you get in return. Amazing staff and volunteers, we became like a little family over the 3 weeks. If you get an opportunity to volunteer here I definitely recommend it! As an added bonus the hostel dog and cat are always around for a cuddle 😍

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