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Our guesthouse is located in Ilha do Guajiru which is a beautiful and safe area in the northeast of Brazil. Ilha do Guajiru consist of just one street along the big kite surf lagoon. It's a very laid back and small kite-surf-place but it gets pretty busy in high season. It's very usual to see free donkeys, horses or cows passing your way. There are no supermarkets, banks or pharmacies, etc. in our small kite surf area (but lots of chilled bars, restaurants, etc.). However the next village with all the necessary shops and banks is 6 km away from our remote place and it's easy to get there. We have a combination of hostel and guesthouse. Our little restaurant is offering a tasty & healthy vegetarian cuisine which is the same kind of catering for our volunteers....certainly Caipirinha and cold beer is part of the Brazilian life style and will be served in our beach bar in front of the huge kite surf lagoon.

We are a small team with regular employees and volunteers. It's like a small family business as we are getting along very well and respect each other. I appreciate helpers in our team who like a peaceful and vegetarian life style. Generally we are happy about people who can help with the daily targets of a guesthouse but also help to manage our beach bar and help with the service in our vegetarian beach restaurant. Depending on the bookings it can be pretty chilled and relaxing but sometimes it can get very busy. Beside the daily help we also appreciate helpers with special skills in kite surfing, yoga, meditation, massage, gardening, online marketing, carpeting, art&design, vegan or vegetarian hobby-chefs, maintenance, hobby web-designer, English teacher for our staff, etc. However please feel free to contact us and ask about more details. !!! Please check out if the time period of your stay fits to your help and expectations with the season. !!!! ------ Targets in relation to the seasons: ----- --> mid January - March: This is the season where the wind drops down and when the rain is starting. So in January and February we can still have wind but it can also rain a lot. In February we are closing our guesthouse and therefore we only need people who enjoy a very quiet place, don't mind rain and like to help with maintenance, art, gardening or online marketing, etc. --> July - mid January: This is our windy season and we receive international kite surf guests. We need happy and friendly helpers who like to help with the general service of a guesthouse: If it's busy you are welcome to manage our beach bar and give us a hand in our vegetarian restaurant, keep the place neat or give it a glance with your creativity, help the guests to start and land their kite, if you are a kite surfer you can help with downwinder-tours, sometimes with breakfast or check-in and check-out, informing guests about tourist attraction and the area, etc. On more quiet days we like to improve the place and appreciate help with maintenance, gardening, art&design, yoga, meditation, paintings, online-marketing, administration, photos, etc. >>> Mid October - mid December: This is the highest season and we need help with the general targets. It can get very full and stressful but also fun and definitely windy. :) In this season we have a lot of German speaking guests and it might be more fun for you if you speak a bit German. However it's not necessary.


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I had a great experience at Coco Knots. Jose and Teresa where in charge at that time, and I didn't have the opportunity to meet Angela at the place. They were super respectfull, good people, and thay aim volunteers to enjoy their time at the place all the day.
The working hours were the agreed ones. I was at the bar and kitchen, so i learned new recipes and how to make caipirinhas.
Beeing at the bar allows you to improve your english because the main clients are from europe.
I specially recomend the experience to kitesurfers because is the vibre you will find there.

hace 14 días



Experiência incrível e troca mais do que justa! Coco-knots é um espaço lindo e super aconchegante na maravilhosa Ilha do Guajiru, não dá vontade de ir embora. Fomos recebidos muito bem por uma equipe maravilhosa e desenvolvemos várias novas habilidades nas funções que desempenhamos. A Ilha é bem cara (Itarema, a cidade ao lado é bem mais acessível!) e não tem muito entretenimento para além do kitesurf, mas com certeza os bons momentos vividos por lá serão super relaxantes. Obrigada por tudo!!!

hace 2 meses



Minha experiencia foi breve, no tempo em que fiquei pratiquei muito inglês e um pouco de espanhol, aprendi sobre cozinha vegetariana e vegana.
Os colaboradores da pousada são muito receptivos, fazem você se sentir em casa.
Recebemos todas as refeições ( que são maravilhosas), com o combinado de voluntariar uma hora e meia a mais por dia, as instalações da pousada são muito confortáveis.
O lugar em si ( Ilha do Guajiru ) é perfeita para quem pratica ou pretende aprender Kite surf, quem não é adepto acaba se limitando em relação as atividades de lazer.

hace 3 meses



Ângela não quis combinar um horário de trabalho, então ficávamos à disposição desde que acordávamos até quando íamos dormir, já que não sabíamos quando tínhamos que trabalhar ou podíamos fazer nossas coisas.
Ela não quis nos dar a folga que nos correspondia, disse que precisaríamos trabalhar direto.
O hostel é cheio de baratas, o chuveiro não tem água quente, o almoço que ela diz aqui na plataforma que oferece, na verdade pede que trabalhe 6:30h por dia para tê-lo, e não as 5h como diz aqui. A janta muitas vezes é apenas um sanduíche de pão com tomate.
Ela é grossa e não respeita ninguém.

hace 5 meses

Angela respondido

English response:
Nathaly and her boyfriend were supposed to help out with content writers, photography, video production, and social media.

Unfortunately I had problems with Nathalie's boyfriend Fabricio, who, when misunderstood, was driven by his self-centered attitude which turned out to be extremely dramatic and egozentric.
He sat in front of his computer day and night working for his own online business. He seemed extremely stressed. So I let him plan his own work schedule and didn't give any big instructions during his stay.

Although we agreed they would stay a month, they only stayed 9 nights -> for free. (Their accommodation for just these 9 days would have cost R$ 2,600 if they had stayed as guests ... not mentioning all of the free meals, drinks and laundry service that they received on top of that).
Instead of talking to us directly about the things that bothered them so that we could have resolved the complications, they wrote an untrue review with lots of misleading information.

It is devastating to me that this great exchange program is being abused by people who are not working with their own personal trauma but instead use the online public web to deal with their frustration by misleading potential volunteers with their self-created reality. Which then prevents friendly and mature volunteers from experiencing the opportunity to live right in front of a beautiful beach in a healthy and calm environment with interesting sporty people from all over the world to share language skills and different life experiences.

We haven't had much luck with this exchange program for the last year and our latest reviews are probably more reflective of the new era we are now living in than our pousada itself. It's not easy for anyone and we've probably gotten more volunteers in the last year, who needed free accommodation instead of "worldpackers" who use this platform as an international exchange program to help and learn from one another.
For a more realistic idea of ​​our exchange program, please read all of the reviews from our former volunteers before this new "era 2020" began. The references before the start of the pandemic will better reflect realistic experiences of our volunteers here.

For realistic information, please also visit our online references on, Instagram, Facebook, Google Map, Tripadvisor etc.


Resposta em Portugues:
Nathaly e seu namorado deveriam ajudar com redação de conteúdo, fotografia, produção de vídeo e mídia social.

Infelizmente, tive problemas com o namorado de Nathalie, Fabrício, que, quando incompreendido, era movido por sua atitude machismo que se revelou extremamente dramática e egozêntrica.
Ele ficava sentado diante do computador dia e noite, trabalhando em seu próprio negócio online. Ele parecia extremamente estressado. Então, deixei que ele planejasse seu próprio horário de trabalho e não dei grandes instruções durante sua estada.

Embora tenhamos concordado que eles ficariam um mês, eles ficaram apenas 9 noites -> de graça. (A acomodação deles por apenas 9 dias teria custado R $ 2.600 se eles tivessem ficado como hóspedes ... sem contar todas as refeições, bebidas e serviço de lavanderia grátis que receberam além disso).
Em vez de falar diretamente conosco sobre as coisas que os incomodavam para que pudéssemos resolver as complicações, eles escreveram uma revisão falsa com muitas informações enganosas.

É devastador para mim que este grande programa de intercâmbio esteja sendo abusado por pessoas que não estão trabalhando com seu próprio trauma pessoal, mas, em vez disso, usam a web pública online para lidar com sua frustração, enganando voluntários em potencial com sua realidade autocriada. O que evita que voluntários amadurecidos e amigáveis ​​experimentem a oportunidade de viver bem em frente a uma bela praia em um ambiente saudável e tranquilo com pessoas interessantes e esportistas de todo o mundo para compartilhar habilidades linguísticas e diferentes experiências de vida.

Não tivemos muita sorte com este programa de intercâmbio no ano passado e nossas últimas avaliações são provavelmente mais reflexivas da nova era em que estamos vivendo agora do que nossa própria pousada. Não é fácil para ninguém e provavelmente recebemos mais voluntários no ano passado, que precisavam de acomodação gratuita em vez de "worldpackers" que usam esta plataforma como um programa de intercâmbio internacional para ajudar e aprender uns com os outros.
Para uma ideia mais realista do nosso programa de intercâmbio, leia todos os comentários de nossos ex-voluntários antes do início desta nova "era 2020". As referências antes do início da pandemia refletirão melhor as experiências realistas de nossos voluntários aqui.

Para obter informações realistas, visite também nossas referências online no, Instagram, Facebook, Google Map, Tripadvisor etc.



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