Experiencias de Voluntariado

Experiencia en Argentina

Eco Alojamiento Las Flores, Argentina Feb/2018

Trabajo Social, Mantenimiento, Ayuda en Granjas Eco y Jardinería

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Alix, and her partner Mike, were extremely proactive and flexible to any task that was required. They were also very interested in learning, not only Permaculture and Natural Building, but also the history and ways of living of the town (Pardo). In no time, we ended up feeling as close friends from a long time. I wish they can return some time in the future and will definitively recommend them to any host that can have them. All the best Alix and Mike! Marcelo and the whole Yamay family

  • Responsabilidad
  • Socialización
  • Proactividad
  • Compromiso

Reseña hecha por Alix

What an awesome few days in Yamay, and an amazing way to kick off our Argentinian adventure! We learned a lot about traditional mud building practices, spent some great quality time with the staff and other guests, and got to spend time in a beautiful and quiet place, a perfect opportunity to connect with nature and self-reflect! Highly recommended :) Marcelo and his team were incredibly generous, welcoming, and communicative.

Experiencia en Colombia

ONG Chinchina, Colombia Aug/2016

Guía Turístico, Promotor de Fiestas, Recepción y Bartending

Reseña hecha por el anfitrión

Alix is welcome back to work & stay with us anytime!

  • Responsabilidad
  • Socialización
  • Proactividad
  • Compromiso

Reseña hecha por Alix

I had a great experience with Glen at ISL Colombia. The organization provides extremely unique experiences for its volunteers and staff, and it was eye-opening to be a part of their work!

Glen respondió

Alix, the video you made was beautiful and has been very helpful in bringing more sustainable long-term assistance for the community. A year after your visit, I think you would be very proud of how far we've taken Minga House.

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I'm a global citizen and travel addict. I have lived in 11 cities across 6 countries, and have traveled to over 30 countries in all. I'm French but also speak English and Spanish. I love WorldPackers because it allows me to get involved with the local community, to give back, and to get to know the place I'm visiting on a deeper level.

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  • Administración
  • Mantenimiento
  • Pintura y Decoración
  • Recepción
  • Trabajo Social
  • Enseñar Idiomas
Algo de experiencia
  • Artes
  • Bartending
  • Cocina
  • Jardinería
  • Producción de Videos
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  • Ayuda en Granjas Eco



I have a Bachelors Degree in International Development from McGill University in Canada, and a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development from UC Berkeley in California.

Experiencia laboral

I have 5 years of experience working for nonprofits, social enterprises, and for-profit companies. Roles have included project management, program management, network coordination, and teaching English.

Experiencia de viaje

I have lived in 6 countries and traveled to over 25 others. I love traveling, and will be heading to Colombia for 2.5 weeks starting July 31st.